Porch Bed Swing Design


Porch bed swing – A great way to relax and enjoy the summer air is the installation of a porch bed of her porch. This task is easy to do and takes only small tools. Installing a porch bed will make your home look more attractive and comfortable. In addition, a hanging bed porch is a wonderful place to enjoy your breakfast, read a book or take a quick nap during the day.

Using a stud finder, locate the studs in the ceiling of your porch. The porch bed swing of these blocks so it is important to find a reliable anchorage point. Measure the distance between the studs in the ceiling and mark its position. Accurately locate each stud so you can mark their center, not its edge.

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Drill small holes starting in the middle of each bolt marked roof. It is critical that each hole is drilled in the center of the beam. Four each hook screw into each hole supporting boot then connect chains support the support hooks. Check to ensure that the support hooks burdened pulling strings support a good amount of force. Place the porch bed swing for supporting chains.


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