King Size Bed with Drawers Plan


King size bed with drawers – an incredible or rather a multi-function bed, it becomes necessary to maximize environments. You must not only be comfortable to rest but also should be comfortable in terms of space. In addition, aesthetically drawers at the bottom of the bed get well and give a modern touch to the room. Of course, when choosing a bed with drawers must be borne in mind that the drawer does not interfere with other furniture. For example, when opening the drawers do not collide with the light table.

The king size bed with drawers of one and a half has a measure of 135 x 190. In either of the two cases, at the bottom of each bed drawers were placed. Generally, in this type of beds 2 drawers are placed. However, this may vary according to the needs of the customer. The number of drawers, they can be manufactured with or without wheels. Meanwhile, the drawers are open on one side of the bed and have handles specially designed to be easy and safe to open. In all cases, drawers offer large capacity storage.

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Each of these king size bed with drawers can be designed and manufactured in the material that the customer wants. Also, the drawers can be made of other material or having a different bed rest color. The style can be ancient or modern and comfortable.


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