Decorating a Master Bedroom


When decorating a master bedroom one of the first decisions you must make is the finish of the walls. The color, design and texture you choose to generate significant in the overall look of the room impact and can use these elements to create a specific style in space. If you like the look of textured walls, plaster finish is an attractive option for your bedroom. In general, you can stain or glaze before applying the plaster so that you can customize with a color that matches the decor of the room. Often the plaster on the walls with a movement used semicircular, but you can apply with a trowel making the design you prefer.

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For a master bedroom with rustic wood panels are ideal. The wood paneled headboards are an attractive option, but you can get flat or embossed sheets made with wood panels. Before installing you can paint or stain them to customize the look of the material. As with the wallpaper, you can apply the panels on one or two walls to create visual interest or create a focal wall. You can also use only panels at the bottom of the wall and give them termination moldings.


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