Cute Teenage Bedroom Ideas


The teenage years are filled with exploration, free expression and exchange. At some point your teenager will want your cute teenage bedroom ideas reflects your interests. If you involve your child in the process of scenery and look “old” in a new way, they can work together to create a room that will be the envy of all your friends. Since you have the background, it’s time to make your room reflects their love of music.

Find or purchase an old side table that is in good condition structurally and have a flat surface. Paint cute teenage bedroom ideas black high gloss paint. Use a glue gun to glue CDs no longer hear or you bought very cheap at a thrift store above the table. Wait for the glue to dry completely and then place thick glass on the table.

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Use spacers on the four corners to prevent the glass rest directly on the CD. Do not discard these clean CD cases. Turn them into a place to display memories. Cut a piece of plywood the size you want needed based on how many CD cases use it in your box. Paint it one of the colors cute teenage bedroom ideas of the selected palette.


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